Wedmore Neighbourhood Watch

Wedmore – Neighbourhood Watch

Wedmore Neighbourhood Watch seeks to reduce local opportunities for crime & anti-social behviour by harnessing community spirit so that everyone can contribute towards the protection of their propertyby mutual co-operation and effective communication.

 We do this via a network of co-ordinators in every road linked in a cascade system by ‘phone & internet to Police HQ & our local policing team  Please use the below link for Wedmore’s latest policing contact information.

To contact Avon and Somerset – Sedgemoor North-East Police team click on the link below:
please note the “Contact Us” at the top of the web page link
short  dial numbers at bottom of “Contact Us” page


Wedmore Neighbourhood Watch Opening Times:
We operate literally 365/24/7
– i.e. whenever opportunities for crime present themselves on our patch
– by staying alert and informed we feel able to help our community residents and businesses to help themselves to combat criminality in and around Wedmore.

The initial approach for information should be via your street neighbourhood watch co ordinator. If you do not have one then contact the NW Administrator on 07889 656 575 ,or email

Paul Johnson is the NW Administrator who normally works out of Taunton Police Station and co ordinates all the police communications with 2,500 street co ordinators in Somerset .He also helps to set up new schemes ,registers them and assists with management . He is part of the Neighbourhood &Partnership Directive.

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Action Fraud is the UK’s national online and phone helpline for reporting fraud and internet crime, and offers advice to the public. Below website contains many tips and advice to protect yourself from fraud as an excellent service.

 Also, there is a very interesting  write-up about Action Fraud (below link) which explains a lot about this organisation.  It is how the police gathers information about fraud (scams, one example).  Its aim is to work with the public to gather intelligence and will report back to protect the public.

Background information as to how Action Fraud reporting works


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The national Police.UK website is also excellent for seeing number of incidents by month for specific locations

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