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Chica’s Challenge – Tom Day

Chico loves to walk and Tom, her man, loves to walk too.
So they’ve teamed up to hike the whole length of Spain, from
Torifa to Andorra, o distance of around l900K.

Chica is a podenco we rescued in Spain. She’s a very happy,
healthy dog now but it wasn’t always so. Many thousands like
her suffer abandonment and abuse so Chica and Tom hope
to raise money to improve the situation for these gentle loving
dogs along the way.

First, Tom decided he wanted to do a long walk.

Then he thought Spain would be nice as it has to be in winter.

And he’d like to take Chica, our podenco.

As an afterthought, he said, “Maybe we could raise some money?”

“Who for?” I asked.

“Well, as I’m taking Chica and it’s in Spain, I guess for Spanish podencos.”

“Great idea! I’ll write the blog!”

Tom’s Chica’s Challenge Page

Tom’s Facebook link

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