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4th September – Monthly Report

Isle of Wedmore News  – September

Parish Council business

The July meeting was once again held via ZOOM video conferencing due to the ongoing coronavirus issue.  Isobel Beacom was welcomed as a new co-opted member of the Council and it was agreed that Barbara James-Lloyd of Gardiners Orchard, Wedmore and David Kirley of Grants Lane, Wedmore would be co-opted to join the Council representing Wedmore Ward.  Matt Ainge has resigned from the Council so that still leaves a vacancy at Wedmore Ward and Blackford Ward.

Members agreed to proceed with a planning application to extend the car park at Worthington Close, incorporating a community open space with tree planting and two Councillors offered to consider the requirement for street lamps within certain parts of the parish and particularly the timing that they are currently switched on.


The Parish Council would like to thank all those businesses in the parish that have provided invaluable service during the “lockdown” period and also the team of volunteers who have been collecting and delivering shopping and prescriptions etc.  Your support has been and continues to be so necessary to the local community.


Several complaints have been received about the number of overhanging hedges within the parish, particularly in the centre of Wedmore which has made social distancing very challenging.  Please take the opportunity to ensure that all hedges are cut back so as not to overhang the highway or pavements.  Many thanks

Rod Pring, Parish Clerk

Anyone interested should contact the Clerk for more details.

Wedmore Parish Council July minutes

Wedmore Parish Council Website

Wedmore Parish Council,
Grant’s Lane, Wedmore Somerset
BS284EA Telephone 713087,
email: wedmoreparishcouncil@gmail.com


Date: 20 August –  Strong Vox – 3rd Development Notice

As a Parish Council, we have been asked by a number of people about the proposed 3rd development by StrongVox up behind the Wedmore Grange estate (next to the school/behind Quab Lane). As a PC this will come in front of us via our Planning sub-committee where we can add a comment.

However, in the meantime, as with all planning applications in Sedgemoor (inc Wedmore Parish), parishioners can comment via the SDC planning portal.

This proposal is for a 3rd phase of new houses which will feed off from the back of Wedmore Grange. The reference on the SDC planning portal is 50/20/00060.

Date:  29 July 2020

Last call to Sedgemoor’s businesses to apply to the Business Support grant scheme

 Sedgemoor District Council is issuing a final call to people who might be eligible for financial help through the government-backed Covid-19 business grant scheme ahead of its closure next month.  The Government has requested that all payments due under the scheme should be made by the end of August; so to make sure that any applications are processed by then, we need to hear from you by 1700 hrs on Friday, 14th August.

Since its launch in April, Sedgemoor has paid out more than £26m to 2,208 businesses under the scheme, which aims to help those in properties with rateable values under £15,000 and receiving rate relief as well as those in the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors with rateable values of £51,000 or less.

In many cases, the grants have proved a lifeline for shops, cafes, restaurants, manufacturers and other small businesses but despite extensive efforts by council officers to trace the remaining business who might be entitled to help, several hundred grants remain unclaimed.

Among the possible reasons for unclaimed grants are that business owners have moved away, ceased trading, failed to visit their premises, omitted to notify a change of address or decided they do not wish to claim.

Business people who think they have a legitimate claim to the support funding and meet the Government criteria outlined on the Business Support page of the Council’s website, should contact the Economic Development team at Sedgemoor where staff will be able to assist them but only until August 14.

If businesses need any advice during these testing times, they can look at the business support pages of the SDC website.  They can apply for the grant directly via the online form and check the criteria at www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/covid19grants

The business support grant is different from the Discretionary Grant, which was introduced in June to assist some of those who failed to qualify under the original scheme. This was open for two weeks and heavily over-subscribed. It has now closed.

Sedgemoor District Council                                                                   Corporate Relations Manager:  Claire Faun

Bridgwater House                                                                                                               Direct Dial:  01278 435320

King Square, Bridgwater

Somerset, TA6 3AR                                                                                       e-mail: pressoffice@sedgemoor.gov.uk

General Enquiries:   0300 303 7800                                                                                twitter.com/SedgemoorDC

Wedmore Parish Council   News update (10/06/2020)

I am writing this report from home as part of the “lockdown” affecting us all the moment.  Parish Council work continues albeit differently but I can access e-mails and phone messages as normal.

Due to the ban on public meetings, the April monthly meeting was cancelled as was the Annual Parish Assembly. The May meeting was held by Zoom video conferencing with an almost 100% attendance of Councillors taking part.  The meeting in May is the Annual meeting of the Council and is confined to business and other legal requirements that have to be agreed.  Polly Costello was duly elected Chair of the Council with Glenys Cousins as vice-Chair.  The Clerk reported that the annual accounts had been independently examined and were ready to be sent off for the external audit.


Planning applications continue to be submitted despite most of the Sedgemoor Planning Officers working from home.  Obviously, committee meetings are not being held at the moment so applications are being circulated by e-mail to committee members and the Parish Council comments are submitted via the Chairman.

Councillor changes

David Ewens and Alistair Smith had been co-opted as Councillors to fill vacancies but neither had been formally admitted.  David has since decided to withdraw and Alistair will be joining the Council at the June meeting once again via Zoom. Three Councillors have since resigned from the Council.  Dennis Briaris, Suzanne Metters and Adrian Fear have all stood down and have been thanked by the Chair for their efforts in the past.  There are currently three vacancies in the Wedmore Ward and one in Blackford Ward.  Anyone interested in seeking co-option is asked to contact the Clerk for more details.


All vacant plots have now been let and some smaller ones created thanks to the hard work of Councillors Judy Candy and Jo Keen.  Plans are in place for some sort of community stall to be established for the exchanging of seeds and plants.

Public Conveniences

The toilets in The Borough have been locked since the coronavirus outbreak started but will re-open on Monday 15th June.  Extra sanitising has been introduced and the thanks of the Council are due to David Summers-Cooke for keeping the conveniences clean and a credit to the village.

Rod Pring, Parish Clerk                               June 2020

NEXT MEETING  –  Wednesday 17th June 2020 by ZOOM video-conferencing.  Contact Clerk if you wish to “attend”.


We currently have vacancies for Councillors.  Please contact the Clerk for further details

Sedgemoor Notice about CBI Now Working due to Coronavirus

Citizens Advice website

Somerset Waste Partnership and fire services – Bonfires

5 April 2020

Hold fire on bonfires, say SWP and fire chiefs

Somerset Waste Partnership and fire services are teaming up to ask people to pour cold water on plans for back garden bonfires.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Claire Faun <Press.Office@sedgemoor.gov.uk>
Date: Fri, Apr 17, 2020, at 12:29 PM
Subject: [OFFICIAL] – SWP Press release – Hold fire on bonfires, say SWP and fire chiefs

Forwarded for information

Recent weeks have seen a rise in calls to the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service to attend potentially dangerous back garden bonfires.

And district councils are also seeing a growing number of complaints about nuisance fires – in some cases including ‘black smoke’ fires, with people allegedly burning plastics and other toxic materials.

The increase is being put down to the fine weather and the impacts of Coronavirus: restrictions on movement, closure of recycling centres and the suspension of the garden waste collection services.

It may be tempting to burn garden waste and material you might usually take to the Recycling Centres, but the public is being urged to hold fire and think about the impact on neighbours and emergency services.

Where possible, people should hold on to garden waste until the Recycling Centres reopen and try not to generate waste that is going to be hard to dispose of.

Home composting may be an option for some and you can find more information here https://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/home-composting/

Burning plastics, rubber or painted materials is illegal and the fumes can cause pollution and are harmful to health. With recycling centres closed, people are asked to keep hold of materials until they reopen.

Mickey Green, Managing Director of SWP, said: “We appreciate that this is a difficult period and it will be frustrating and inconvenient for some.

“But it’s important that we don’t put additional demand on hard-stretched emergency services and think about the impacts on others

Laura Pratt, Community Safety Prevention Manager for Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, said: “When a fire crew is checking a bonfire, it could be delayed from going to a more serious incident elsewhere. Particularly at this time, we need to keep our resources ready for real emergencies.

“So we are asking people not to light bonfires and not to contact us to report other people’s bonfires unless they are out of control. Always call 999 in an emergency and stay safe.”

All 16 of Somerset’s Recycling Centres are temporarily closed, in line with the current restrictions on non-essential travel. Garden waste collections have been suspended so crews and vehicles can focus on maintaining the rubbish, clinical and recycling collections.

For more information about how oy reduce and reuse your waste, visit www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/coronavirus For the latest information about services and any disruption visit www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/coronavirus and follow @somersetwaste on Twitter and Facebook.


Somerset Waste Partnership manages waste services for all councils in Somerset.

SWP media contact:

Nick Cater, Senior Communications Officer Nick Cater,


Mark Ford, Head of Communications and Engagement, 07977412198 mford@somersetwaste.gov.uk

Somerset County Council.

Hello, we are all working from home with only a few staff in the post and scanning room. We would really appreciate it if you could communicate with us by phone (0300 303 7800) or email. However, if you really need to send us any hard copy documents we would ask the following
1. Email us to let us know that a document has been sent by post.
2. Bear with us, as it will take a little longer to process, whilst we get it to the relevant team.
Thank you.

Follow Sedgemoor District Council on Twitter:

We aim to always comply with the General Data Protection Regulation; If you would like to know how we process your personal information, please refer to the Privacy Notice at: https://www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/privacy

Rod Pring

Clerk Wedmore Parish Council

Tel. 01934 713087

Parish Council business – April

I am sorry to report that two Councillors have resigned since my last update in the IOW News.  Neil Ellis has stood down as Chairman and Councillor as has Laura Sampson.  Neil has been a Councillor for just over 5 years and Laura for 3 years.  We are all very grateful for their contributions and service during that time.  Cllr Polly Costello has stepped in as acting-Chair of the Council until a new Chairman is elected in May.  The vacancies have been advertised and I am hopeful that I will be able to announce replacements in the next issue.

The February meeting was well attended and County Cllr. David Huxtable told members that the County Council was actively looking at ways of providing a safe route to Sexeys School, Blackford.  The three Village Halls were each given a grant towards maintenance costs and members noted that a Community Right to Bid was being considered in respect of the Panborough Inn.

Cllr Briaris updated members on the speed of traffic entering and leaving Wedmore via Cheddar Road.  As a result of the figures recorded by the Speed Indicator Device, the area was now being monitored by the Police safety camera team.  A request by the Playing Fields Management Committee for a further grant towards completing the first floor of the sports pavilion at Wedmore was deferred pending more information.

Rod Pring, Parish Clerk

Anyone interested should contact the Clerk for more details.

Wedmore Parish Council March minutes

Wedmore Parish Council Website

Wedmore Parish Council,
Grant’s Lane, Wedmore Somerset
BS284EA Telephone 713087,
email: wedmoreparishcouncil@gmail.com

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