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Singing for the Brain group for people with dementia in Axbridge

An Alzheimer’s Society’s service offering support to people living with dementia in Axbridge is welcoming new members.

The Singing for the Brain group, which is funded by Wedmore and Axbridge Community Health Fund, is held at Axbridge Town Hall on alternate Tuesday afternoons. The next session is due to take place on Tuesday 3 April.

Singing for the Brain has been developed by Alzheimer’s Society for people with memory problems. The sessions promote communication through singing which can help with articulation, concentration, focus and motivation. Specially trained facilitators deliver a varied programme of vocal, rhythmic and gentle physical exercise, along with songs from different eras and styles.

Teresa Mason Services Manager for Alzheimer’s Society in Somerset said: “If anyone living with dementia in, or around Axbridge, would like to come and join us they’d be very welcome. You don’t have to be able to hold a tune to take part. It’s as much about socialising as it is singing. The sessions usually begin with a chat over a cup of tea and then we get stuck into some singing. It’s very informal and the group are extremely welcoming.

“Even when many memories are hard to retrieve, music can sometimes still be recalled – if only for a short while. The sessions help people with dementia communicate, improving their mood and leaving them feeling good about themselves. I’ve witnessed people’s mood change significantly throughout the sessions; it’s amazing to see the power music has. I would like to say thank you to the Wedmore and Axbridge Community Health Fund for funding this service since it began in September 2015.”

To find out more about attending Singing for the Brain in Axbridge, or other local services, please contact Alzheimer’s Society on 01458 251541 or email somerset@alzheimers.org.uk.

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