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Speed Monitoring To Improve Pedestrian Safety

(from Isle of Wedmore News)

To improve safety of pedestrians on all the roads around Wedmore, the Parish Council has embarked on a programme of vehicle speed monitoring linked to making drivers aware when they exceed the 30mph speed limit.

The average risk of severe injury for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle reaches 10% at an impact speed of 16mph, 25% at 23mph, 50% at 31mph, 75% at 39mph and 90% at 46mph. The results of a 28-day monitoring exercise for the Cheddar Road on the approach into Wedmore, has revealed the following alarming statistics:

• Total number of vehicles: 51,021
• Number of Vehicles travelling up to 30mph: 25,814 (51%)
• Number of Vehicles exceeding 30mph: 25,207 (49%)
• Number of Vehicles exceeding 40mph: 8,925
• Number of Vehicles exceeding 50mph: 290
• Number of Vehicles exceeding 60mph: 8

Given the absence of a footway (pavement) on this stretch of the road means that we have a real safety issue for pedestrians.

During August, the radar monitoring continued but with the addition of visual and camera warning signs in order to alert all drivers recorded as exceeding the speed limit.

The results of this follow-on speed-monitoring exercise will be made available next month and will, hopefully, show a significant reduction in the number of vehicles breaking the speed limit.

The Parish Council is committed to implementing speed-monitoring systems to reduce the likelihood of serious injury to pedestrians where vehicles are involved.

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