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Wedmore Harvest Home 2019

– Update 17 July –

Have you come up with your idea yet?
Procession classes for Wedmore Harvest Home
Friday 16th August 2019
10am Procession Assembles in the Borough (Convenor: Laura Sampson, Char Scriven and Jackie Scriven)
1. Single Pedestrian
2. Group Pedestrian
3. Animal class
4. Vintage Vehicle
5. Family Float
6. Child Float

All Classes will be judged with certificates to each entrant. Perpetual cups and plates will also be presented. It would be useful if you could enter before the day; please phone 07793862548
Procession Route: Assemble in the Borough. After Judging the Procession moves through the village via Church Street, Glanville Road, Sand Road, West End, and Plud Street to the Assembly Area opposite the Playing Fields!
7. Decorated Hanging Arrangement, under 14 years (for the Marquee)
8. Decorated Hanging Arrangement, adult (for the Marquee)
Decorated Hanging Arrangements will need to be submitted at the Marquee, The Village Field by 8pm on Thursday 15th August 2019. They will be judged accordingly with the announcement of placing and prizes presented at the Luncheon the following day.

There’s still time to grab your tickets!! https://www.facebook.com/934310949961443/posts/2476325729093283/

Wedmore Harvest Home2 July at 09:20 ·
Don’t forget to buy your tickets ahead of the big day!! You can buy from The Village Stores, Hectors or from Arthur Gadd 07527488531
. We look forward to seeing you on the day 🎪 #wedmorehh #wedmoreharvesthome #longlivewedmorehh #bepartofsomethingBIG

Harvest Homes started when farmers put on a meal with cider to thank the workers for bringing in the harvest. Wedmore’s event has now evolved into a full day of events, starting with a Church Service, followed by the Harvest Home procession, lead by the Harvest Home King, Queen and Princess, with local organisations and familes having colourful trailers drawn through the village by tractors. There is a lunch for ladies and gentleman over the age of 16, in the marquee on the village field ground, followed by children’s sports events and then a tea. The evening sees an evening of entertainment, often with a tribute band playing to a packed marquee.  Wedmore’s HH traditionally takes place on the third Friday in August.

Why not get into the spirit of the Harvest Home and submit a hanging floral arrangement to decorate the marquee – or enter yourself, your children or your vintage car /bike or horse in the procession?

It would be great to have lots more entries for the flower arranging as it really brings the marquee to life – and we know there are lots of great garden enthusiasts in the village due to our many Wedmore in Bloom success stories!

We fundraise throughout the year with our successful business directory, 100 Hundred Club and different events!
If you would like to be included in our 2019 event please use the contact us page on here! 

Click here Wedmore Harvest Home Website for all the details.

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