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The population of clothes-moths has tripled in five years. Moths eat the hammers and felt parts of the action. Replacing ruined felts and hammers is expensive!

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If you prefer to have a professional do this, from August 1st Dr Adam is providing a ???? ?????????? ???? ?????????? ??????? ???? ????? ????? ??????. Details in our directory.

If you want to protect your piano yourself, read on.

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1. Open the bottom door of the piano. That’s the one underneath the keyboard and above the pedals. There’s usually a catch, hook, or spring holding it in place.
2. Use your preferred moth killer product (see below)
3. If the bottom door is hard to remove (occasionally they can be awkward) open the top door and pin the product inside the piano on one side or the other.
4. You can also add some product under the keyboard.

Grands are a little more difficult because it’s hard to get inside the action area easily. 1. If you can remove the ‘key fall’ – the lid which goes over the keys, you can insert some product either side of the action, making sure you don’t impede the movement.
2. The key fall is removed by putting it in the open position and then lifting gently upwards and outwards.
3. Some key falls are retained by grub screws; Steinway key falls can only be removed with the keyboard checks and key fall.

1. An insecticide spray containing pyrethrin. Get one without oil which could harm your piano. Brands include CB80, 565 Plus XLO, and Fortefog Natural Protector Aerosol.
2. Moth killer strips
3. Mothballs (nb some technicians claim the vapour can harm the piano strings. I personally don’t believe this but I have no proof either way. Others point out it doesn’t smell good at all, and this I do believe).

Dr Adam


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