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The White Cottage
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I help businesses and organisations clearly communicate what they offer – in ways that achieve the results they want.

First I get the story straight then I tell it in ways that attract attention, create engagement and motivate people to take action.  This could be in the form of blogs, articles,  web pages, brochures, press ads, posters, video scripts, case studies, sales letters, newsletters, packaging….

I have over 35+ years’ experience.  Not one year repeated x35.  A few examples of completed projects are shown on my website – but this is not fully representative: Not all my clients are global brands and I’m now writing lots of blogs for small local businesses.  Also, my fees are flexible (I charge more for corporates and a lot less for neighbours!).  Talking through your project is free (but you might want to buy me a pint or a coffee, depending on time of day).

Want to pick my brains but not sure you want to meet me?

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Jim O’Connor
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