Like all prescriptions, the right type and dose of exercise are critical factors for your success.

Not too much or too little. The activities should be undertaken regularly, frequently and daily for your best outcomes. This will improve the markers for your health. Try not to YoYo.

There are NHS exercise guidelines that need to be adjusted to individual circumstances and fitness levels. Not one size fits all.

Fortunately, we are encouraged to go outside and exercise often, to receive the multiple benefits of fresh air and feeling at one with natures slow rhythm.

Make the most of Wedmore’s tracks and trails and Summer energy.

When in – still work out. Ideally, we should be moving after every 30 minutes of sitting. Try to make this a wellbeing habit that soon becomes part of your healthy lifestyle. This is vital at all stages of life.

Aim for a totally holistic approach, for mind, body and breathwork. Feel the benefits of relaxation by being in the moment and let the tension melt away.

‘Practice makes Perfect”

 Always speak to your health professional first if you have any health issues. This may be done over the phone in the first instance.
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