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Green Wedmore Solar Challenge 1000

Green Wedmore launched the Solar Challenge 1000 campaign at the start of 2021. The
ambition is for Wedmore to have 1000 solar roofs by 2030, about 60% of the parish.
Since that time the scheme has installed 80 roofs which, combined with pre-2021
installations, bring our village total to 260, or 16% of homes enjoying far lower
electricity bills. As best we can tell this total is more than the combined installations
of all other similar ‘solar street’ type schemes in the whole of Somerset which is a
phenomenal success.

But we still have a long way to go.
This campaign is a perfect example of the benefits of leading a lower-carbon lifestyle.
As a customer, you see lower bills and a payback on the installation costs of about 7 years.
Green Wedmore has teamed with Sunlit Solar and Lendology to support this
campaign. Sunlit Solar are a thriving local company employing highly skilled people.
They provide a 10% discount on standard prices to Parish of Wedmore installations
as well as providing a donation to Green Wedmore for every array. They are happy
to provide free site surveys to anyone in the village and can be contacted via sunlitsolar.co.uk, calling 01458 834936 or emailing sunlitsolar@rogerselectricians.co.uk

Lendology are a locally based and ethical non-profit lending company funded by
our local councils and, if you are in need of some finance to install your solar roof,
they are ready to help. www.lendology.org.uk

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