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WW1 – An Appeal for Help.

The Isle of Wedmore and the First World War, 1914-19:

A research project by Dr Tim Moreman, in association with St Mary’s Church, Wedmore First School Academy and Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School.

The Isle of Wedmore sent over 400 of its men to fight during the First World War, who served in France, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine and India. They enlisted in the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Flying Corps, as well as in smaller numbers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Australian Imperial Force and New Zealand Expeditionary Force. With the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War fast approaching it seems fitting to remember the 60 servicemen who did not return and the contribution to winning the war made by other volunteers and conscripts from Wedmore, Blackford, Theale and the Allertons. Those who played their part on the ‘Home Front’ should also not be forgotten.

The aim is:

  1. To hold an exhibition in November 2014 about the Isle of Wedmore and the Great War.
  2. To produce a book looking at the Home Front, the men who died on active service and at a selection of those who returned and rebuilt their lives.
  3. To provide the local schools with teaching material about the sacrifice made by the local community during the First World War.

Help from local families is needed to provide information about life on the Isle of Wedmore between 1914-19 and the men who served, particularly in the form of:

1. Background family information.
2. Photographs of those served and of the Isle of Wedmore 1914-18.
3. Letters or other documents.
4. Medals
5. Trench art , postcards or other souvenirs brought or sent home from overseas.

All assistance will be fully acknowledged at the exhibition and the final book.

For further information please contact: Dr Tim Moreman 01934 710278 or  tim.moreman@icloud.com

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