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Important Meeting – Future of Theale’s Village Hall

From: SHAUN THOROGOOD <shaun.thorogood@gmail.com>

Hello, I am a Wedmore Parish Councillor representing Theale Ward. There is an URGENT  meeting next Monday at Theale Village Hall at 6:30 PM. Everyone is welcome for an hour’s presentation on ‘ THE FUTURE OF THEALE AND ITS VILLAGE HALL’. Residents are to be informed of the current status of the hall and the threats to its survival and the progress that is being made to secure the hall through grants and innovative ideas. Without the hall, Theale will lose its only significant asset for the social focus of Theale.

Please can this be added ASAP as other channels to reach the public have so far been of limited effectiveness! (Please share to Facebook groups)

please call me on 07824845186. Shaun

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