Important News from the Wedmore Parish Council – January 2023

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Greetings BS28’ers

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas period.  Although the Parish Council seemed to have been quiet, I can confirm they have still been doing things for you.

They have agreed on the repairs to the cemetery railings, which were in pretty bad shape. Thank you to J. C. Bethel Services for carrying out the repairs. December was mainly spent looking at the budget for 2023/2024 and with the great unknown that is ‘One Somerset’ the Parish Councillors are mindful of what services will be redacted or become increasingly expensive whilst still trying to provide them.

Things such as emptying bins of both litter and dog waste are set to increase dramatically and the need is definitely there to continue this service, none of us wants to see a further increase in discarded litter in our hedges, verges and brooks. Can I ask that we are all a little more mindful about what and how we are discarding things we no longer want or need?

Take it home and sort it into your recycling bins. Plastic bottles and cans fill the bins so quickly and very often even being as considerate as to crush can make a difference to the space taken up. We are in discussions with Green Wedmore about how we can improve recycling facilities in the village and are hopeful to have a further update soon.

Anyway! What a way to start off the first edition of the new year – I am definitely not wanting to be a Debbie Downer…I’m much more of a Positive Pam! Warm in Wedmore is going well – and it’s been really lovely to see the way that the different groups have approached their days. If you haven’t had the opportunity to pop in for coffee or soup all FREE! Please do.

Finally, I hope you’ve all had time to consider your New Year’s Resolutions. I’m sure as I’m writing this in December, by the time you are reading this I will have been inundated with applications for new councillors and we will all laugh about how there were soo many applications I could barely get into the council office door!

Wouldn’t that be wonderful! Ahhhhhh…..

Lindsey Baker
Parish Clerk, Wedmore Parish Council,
Grant’s Lane, Wedmore Somerset BS28 4EA
Telephone 713087,

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