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Important News from the Wedmore Parish Council – July 2024

Parish Council Business

From the desk of your ever-enthusiastic Parish Clerk!
Another delightful month of council shenanigans has passed, and my, oh my, what a
time we’ve had! Gather ‘round, dear residents, as I regale you with the tales of our
latest escapades.

Firstly, let’s congratulate Councillor Farley for bravely accepting the esteemed
position of Chairman for the upcoming year. Applause all around, folks! And joining
her in the limelight is our Vice Chairman, the one and only Councillor Beacom, who
promises to bring a dash of pizzazz to our proceedings. With this dynamic duo at the
helm, who knows what wonders we’ll achieve?

Of course, no Parish update would be complete without a dash of controversy, and
I’d hate to disappoint you all! I’m sure most of you are aware but, the proposed Combe
Batch Development has once again reared its head, prompting our councillors to dust
off their boxing gloves and prepare for another round of fisticuffs. With objections
flying left and right, it’s shaping up to be a showdown for the ages!

Now, onto lighter matters. We have made a change… a change in meeting times,
Parish Council Meetings will now be held at the fashionably early start time of 7.00 pm
Fear not, night owls, for we shall adapt and thrive, and our meetings shall remain as
lively as ever. If you would like to come along to any of our meetings you don’t need
to let us know in advance, we would love to see you!

But it’s not all work and no play in Wedmore – far from it! Our recent Annual
Parish Assembly was a rollicking success, complete with insightful speeches, engaging
presentations, and even a few laughs courtesy of Mr. Jim O’Connor’s crash course
on ‘How to Read Adverts’. Who knew deciphering marketing jargon could be so

So, that’s nearly me done for this month, but for my final thoughts… (and I
know you thought you’d got away with it this month, but you were wrong!). If you
have ever dreamt of donning the mantle of civic superhero, well, now’s your chance!
Joining the Parish Council isn’t just about attending meetings and wrangling with
red tape – it’s about making a real difference in our community while having a jolly
good time! Picture this: you, surrounded by like-minded individuals, brainstorming
ideas to spruce up our beloved village, from organising bloomin’ marvellous events
to ensuring our public loos stay, well, public! Plus, think of the bragging rights at the
next village event – ‘Oh, you know, just casually saving the day on the Parish Council,
no biggie.’ Think about it, please!
Yours in civic duty and good humour,

Lindsey Baker, Clerk, Wedmore Parish Council


Parish Clerk, Wedmore Parish Council,
Grant’s Lane, Wedmore Somerset BS28 4EA
Telephone 713087,
email clerk@wedmore-pc.gov.uk

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