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Important News from the Wedmore Parish Council – March 2024


Parish Council Business

Hello Friends,
How lovely it is to have you here again! Here we are at the beginning of March, can you believe that we’ve been doing this for almost 2 years, and what a couple of years it’s been! The thing is, (and I know you’re probably all sick to death of me banging on about it) but I hadn’t really realised, until I started this ‘job’ how much passion I really do have for our little space in the world. I hope you’re starting to appreciate
this is more than just a job for me!

I know for a lot of you the Parish Council has a great amount of stigma attached to it, the connotation of what it means to be a parish councillor, but can I just stop you mid-eyeroll for a second and say, it can be whatever you want it to be! I know, I know ‘cheesy’! But honestly there is such a diverse group of people I’ve come to know, and they all want to make a difference, they all want to show you what is possible if we work together, and quite honestly I think there are plenty more of you out there that think things could be better, or perhaps you feel your voice is not being heard so do something about it! …. I’ve got plenty of spaces…

Just so you don’t feel like I’m only here to whine about joining the Parish Council, I’ll also shamelessly plug the upcoming Parish Assembly. It was, in Ye Olde Times, a popular and vibrant community evening, where ideas were discussed, plans made, and people brought together through their shared passion for their homes and village.

Last year we made great strides and had a lovely evening celebrating all the people who have and continue to do amazing work for our community. So, if you fancy a night out its Wednesday 24 May, be there or be square!

The carpark is now looking splendid thanks to some back breaking work from Jon and Paul from Special Branch and Taylormade Services. Craig from C&T Maintenance Services has also been amazing helping to sort out the new lights which really help to make the carpark much safer for all users at night, and the CCTV is finally 100% up and running.

Anyway, to conclude:
Councillors – We need more!
Allotments – We have a couple available for rent, email me if you would like to discuss this.

Henry Butt Trophy nominations will be greatly received – See the article later in this issue (let’s have a record-breaking year please)!

Carpark done, toilet block next!

Speak soon,

Parish Clerk, Wedmore Parish Council,
Grant’s Lane, Wedmore Somerset BS28 4EA
Telephone 713087,
email clerk@wedmore-pc.gov.uk

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