International Penny Chuffin’ Competition

This year’s annual International Penny Chuffin’ competition at The New Inn, Wedmore on Friday 10th November, drew an amazing 69 enthusiastic competitors from across the globe, including Hong Kong, Canada and The Democratic Republic of Lerburne.

Competitors had to lodge three two-penny coins between the cheeks of their backside, walk a distance of 4 yards and deposit the coins into a pint tankard. They had three runs at this making the maximum total possible 9 coins which then qualified them for the final.

In the first round players competed ferociously to get into the final with many going close with 8. Some waddled and some chooed! Sadly only Garry Stimpson scored 0.

The final was a walk over as only Jonney Bethall managed to score the maximum 9. It saw him claim the title with a wonderful example of a chuffin.

£69.00 was raised for children in need.

For further information, contact Trevor 07812848011.

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