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IOW News item for April

Parish Council Business

At the February meeting, the members agreed to make a grant to Wedmore Arts to assist with their various events taking place next month. It was agreed that the Council should purchase a large TV monitor to view on-line planning applications as Sedgemoor District Council were not sending out plans for consultation after 1st April. Blackford will be getting its first dog waste bin which will be located at the bottom of Church Lane; a popular area for dog walkers.

Henry Butt Trophy

There were six nominations this year but the outright winner is Suzie Wilkinson from Cocklake. Suzie has been a very active member of the Farming Crisis network offering support and assistance to members of the farming community. She is also a regular bell ringer and church cleaner. The award was presented at the Annual Parish Assembly held last month. A report on the Assembly will appear in next month’s issue.

Fingerpost Appeal

David Ewens has done sterling work in spearheading this project with over £5,500 being donated so far. Please see David’s article elsewhere in the April Issue of the Isle of Wedmore News Magazine located on this website’s Home page with details of how to get involved.

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