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Wedmore PC Minutes October 2018      

 ..   latest Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan 8 Nov18

     ..  new 67 Bus Schedule (12 Nov)

 …..Parish Council business summary for September.

The September meeting was held back at the Council Rooms in Wedmore after visits to Blackford and Theale.

Members have already agreed that next year there will be additional “away visits” to enable more residents to attend Council meetings nearer their homes.

It was good to hear that the Village Agent scheme can operate for another three years due to a successful National Lottery application.

Village Agents provide invaluable service to the elderly and infirm across the county and can be contacted via the local medical centre.

Members were informed that Cllr Alex Whittingham who had represented the Blackford Ward since May 2015 had decided to tender his resignation.  Alex was a very active member of the Council and carried out his duties as Chair of the Planning Committee with sensitivity, humour and a sound knowledge of planning requirements.

There now exists a vacancy for a member to represent Blackford and anyone interested is asked to contact the Clerk for further details.

A grant of £150 was made to Theale Flower Show to help with the running costs and members deferred requests to purchase a Speed Indicator Device and to fund an additional street lamp in the village pending enquiries as to costings.




……. also latest Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan (8 November)

Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan: R16 Consultation

The Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to Sedgemoor District Council in November 2018. Sedgemoor District Council is satisfied that this submission meets with the requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) and in accordance with those regulations, as the Local Planning Authority, are publicising the plan for a period of six weeks from 9 November 2018 to 21 December 2018.

The Wedmore Neighbourhood Development Plan contains unique local planning policies for the designated neighbourhood area. The Neighbourhood Development Plan if adopted, will form part of the Development Plan for the area, and will guide future development within the Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan area.

The Plan and the supporting evidence base can be viewed online at https://www.sedgemoor.gov.uk/article/1298/Wedmore-Neighbourhood-Plan

The Plan can also be inspected at our office at, Bridgwater House, King Square, Bridgwater, TA6 3AR, during the hours of 8.45am and 5pm Monday to Friday

How to comment

Representations are invited on this plan by 5.00pm, 21st December 2018:

Via our online portal that can be accessed here: http://sedgemoor-consult.limehouse.co.uk/portal
By email to ldf@sedgemoor.gov.uk
By post FAO Emma Chorley, Planning Policy Team, Inward Investment & Growth, Sedgemoor District Council, King Square, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3AR
Representations may include a request to be notified of the Local Planning Authority’s decision under Regulation 19 in relation to the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Please note that the Decision Statement will also be published on our website as soon as it is available.

Environmental Assessment
Draft iterations of the Wedmore Neighbourhood Plan have been screened in consultation with the statutory environmental bodies, in accordance with Part II of The Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004 to determine whether it is likely to have significant environmental effects, and hence triggering the need for SEA. Separately, it was screened in accordance with the Habitat Regulations to determine whether Appropriate Assessment was necessary.
Sedgemoor District Council has determined that the Wedmore Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2017 – 2032 is not likely to have significant environmental effects and that an environmental assessment is not required in respect of the draft plan. The Determination under Regulation 9(1) and the accompanying Statement is available as a PDF download below, although should a hard copy be required please contact the Planning Policy team using the contact details below.

Emma Chorley
Planning Officer
Planning Policy
Inward Investment & Growth

Sedgemoor District Council | Bridgwater House | King Square | Bridgwater | TA6 3AR
Direct: 01278 435761 Email: emma.chorley@sedgemoor.gov.uk

Follow us on Twitter @SedgemoorDC


…… and there’s more  No 67 New Bus Schedule  as at 12th November

Dear Mr Pring,

I act as liaison, in the Wookey area, for those of us who use (and
depend upon) the 67 bus between Burnham, Wedmore, Wells and Wookey
Hole.  At very short notice, we learned last Wednesday (7th Nov.) of a
revised timetable starting tomorrow, Monday 12th November.  I managed to
acquire copies of both the Wells and the Burnham parts of the route, and
I attach the combined timetable. The changes are small but significant.
While I have covered Wookey and Henton this weekend, I wonder if you or
someone on your council could publicise the new timetable in Wedmore?
The bus drivers have copies to give passengers, but that is little help
in catching the bus beforehand.  I have, on this and previous occasions,
laminated and sellotaped the new timetable over the existing ones at the
bus stops here, as a temporary measure until the council puts up their
official ones, without any problems; and it would be enormously helpful
if Wedmore, as the important changeover point, could do likewise.

With many thanks for any help you can give,

Yours sincerely,


67 TIMETABLE from 12th November 2018









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