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Isle of Wedmore Society – Thursday – May 26th


May 26th

Dr Francis Burroughes B.E.M ‘Bristol Blue Glass’From his own collection, Francis brings historic and valuable items of glass for members to examine for themselves, to illustrate the history of glass-making from 3,000 B.C. to the present day.


Members free, Visitors £4 with free tea/coffee.

Contact Ian Tomes on  01934 710390



September  22nd

David Sproat, Airline Pilot ‘Flying a 310 million dollar plane!’: taking a brand new passenger aeroplane up for its maiden flight, putting it through its paces, before the crew and passengers climb aboard.


October 27th

Lester Durston ‘The rough road to Lhasa (Tibet)’. Lester Durston will describe his journey to a hard-to-reach place, with pictures and stories.



November 24th

Kevin Anderson, Visitor Experience Officer, Somerset Wildlife Trust/Avalon Marshes ‘The Avalon Marshes: The landscape and wildlife of the Avalon Marshes.’ Kevin will explore the ancient and recent history of the area including the Sweet Track, Lake Villages, peat digging and farming, and how the Avalon Marshes have been transformed into one of the UK’s most wildlife-rich wetlands.

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