New Scheme Encourages Carbon Emission Offsetting to Benefit Local Green Projects


The average UK citizen is responsible for producing approximately 5 tons of CO2 per year.

Taking one 10 hour flight can create the same amount again.

Local environmental community action group Green Wedmore have launched their own off-setting scheme. Residents can now choose to make a donation to offset their air travel, with the funds invested into local projects to help the community reach their zero-carbon target.

Green Wedmore was formed in 2006 and has worked tirelessly on local environmental projects including running repair cafes; Freecycle days; community litter picks; a community orchard; tree planting; electric car charging points and installing solar panels on community buildings not to mention being the catalyst for the Wedmore Community Power Co-op. Funds generated from the off-setting scheme will help to continue this work and other similar, new projects.

Local independent travel agents 2Js Travel of The Borough, Wedmore are supporting the scheme and helping promote it to their customers. Based in the centre of the village, the award-winning travel agent has been operating since 2002, and owners Joseph Rajkovic and John Wilson have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Joseph said: “We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and carbon-offsetting is another area increasingly our clients are asking about.”

Vanessa Becker-Hughes, Chair of Green Wedmore says: “We are delighted to have the support of local travel agents 2Js Travel to help spread the word about the scheme. If anyone would like to consider offsetting their travel, please take a look at the website and you can be assured that 100% of the donation will be ploughed back into local schemes. You can off-set future bookings and even flights already taken. Our Travel web page gives a clear payment structure for the flights you are planning, so donating is easy with payments being made by BACS. Should you decide offsetting is something you want to do, please drop me an email so I can thank you. Offsetting can also be used for the many things we buy, so please also consider this option. We would also welcome set monthly donations to enable us to achieve more for our village.’’

More information can be found here:

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