Birds and Insects in Flight – Very Near Us

Wildlife & Photography from the Somerset Levels, in the West of England

The website was started some 8 years ago, although Romey and I have lived here, overlooking Tealham & Tadham moors for over 50 years. Our children were all educated locally.

I have been photographing wildlife since the age of twelve, as well as writing a number of books about the locality.

The website aims at two differing areas; a periodic diary mainly concerned with the wildlife on the moors and Levels: and views on photographing wildlife, setting up insect nests in the garden, information on Hymenoptera – bees, wasps, ants etc – and how to identify them, as well as galleries of pictures of insects, predators and waterbirds all in flight.

Robin Williams

Please note that the website below is not a commercial site.


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