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Our PCSO Beth HARRINGTON – Police Warning to Motorists

Since the start of October Cheddar Beat team have been made aware of 14 cases of theft from vehicle’s or criminal damage caused to vehicle’s in Cheddar, Wedmore and Axbridge.

As a result of the higher than normal reported incidents, the local beat team have requested an increased police presence in the area to deter any further incidents and will be distributing reminders in local car parks about vehicle crime. The local beat team would like to make the community aware of the steps they can take to secure their vehicles  and keep their property safe.

Beating Car crime

•       Lock door, windows, the boot and sunroof every time you leave the car however briefly.
•       Don’t leave bags, coats or change on display.
•       The cost of replacing a broken window s often more than the value of goods stolen. If you can, take your things with you. If you can’t, lock everything out of site in the boot.
•       Never leave driving documents or personal letters inside your car. They could help a thief to sell your car or provide a cover story if stopped by police.
•       Don’t leave Sat Navs on display when you’re not in your car.
•       Never set your home address in your satnav for your start or return journey, use an area near to your home you know- If your keys are stolen a criminal may use your satnav to direct them to your home.
•       Keep valuables out of sight while you’re driving and consider keeping the doors locked.
•       Take the ignition key out even when the car is parked in your drive or garage and always set the immobiliser. If you don’t have an immobiliser, consider having one fitted.
•       Always keep your car keys in a safe place at home, away from windows and doors and preferably in a locked cupboard or cabinet.
•       When parking your car away from home look out for The Park Mark Scheme to demote a car park that has security measures in place.

By drawing more attention to these recent incidents I hope we can get the message to these offenders that the community and police are aware and will be monitoring and patrolling the area.

If you notice any suspicious behaviour please contact 999 if an incident is ongoing or 101 if it is not urgent.

PCSO Beth HARRINGTON <9141@avonandsomerset.police.uk>


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Sedgemoor North East Neighbourhood Police Team


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