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The Friendly Bus

Planned resumption 18 May

Providing the government roadmap for relaxation of Covid 19 restrictions continues as planned. We will resume the normal Scheduled Services of the Wedmore Community Bus on Tuesday 18 May. Safeguarding everyone’s health will be a priority and we will fully comply with remaining social distancing guidance. The schedule is detailed below.

Cafés and shops should all be open so why not come along and have some fun.

On the Community Bus

  • We try to pick up and drop off at the homes of all users who need this and at a location that is convenient for other passengers. We are also flexible about drop offs on route.
  • We are happy to provide help in getting on and off the bus for those who need it.
  • It’s a friendly place where there’s normally a happy buzz of conversation. Our passengers often meet for a coffee whilst at the destination.

There is one bus a week to Taunton, Bridgwater, Weston-s-Mare and Street. All services start picking up passengers at 9.30am then depart for the destination. The buses to Taunton and

Weston-s- Mare are back at about 2.45, Bridgwater at about 2.00 and Street at about 1.30.

Booking is easy, just call the number indicated below against the relevant destination at the time shown and we’ll agree a convenient pick up location and time.

Tuesday to Taunton and Wednesday to Bridgwater

Angeline Duckett  on 01934 712631 between 6pm & 6.30 pm on the previous evening.

Thursday to Weston-super-Mare and Friday to Street & Glastonbury

Carol Ayliffe  on 01934 713471 between 6pm & 6.30 pm on the previous evening.


The Private Hire service will fully resume on 21 June.

For further information visit our Local Directory entry on this website or email us at

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