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Wedmore Village – Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

Do you have a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for your Street?

If not, and you would like to take on this role for your street, please see the letter below, or visit the Village Website; contact details.

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and prospective members!
I want to start by thanking you for your continued support throughout what has been unquestionably a difficult year; we have all faced many challenges yet we continue strong and will start the New Year with the semblance of normality headed our way.

As always, Neighbourhood Watch continues to grow, we have seen that again this year across the whole of Somerset which is a remarkable achievement considering the difficulties we have faced and we are an open door to new members and Coordinators.

Some of our Coordinators have served more than 25 years, which is an incredible achievement and have a lot of knowledge to share with others.


Could this be you? We are supported by a great police beat team who work closely alongside us, and now we are looking to increase our presence further.

If you are interested or would like to know a little more, then do please contact me on Email:


Paul Johnson (9788)
Neighbourhood Watch Admin Somerset
(Paul Johnson is the NW Administrator who normally works out of Taunton Police Station and coordinates all the police communications with 2,500 street coordinators in Somerset.

He also helps to set up new schemes, registers them and assists with management. He is part of the Neighbourhood & Partnership Directive.) – Avon and Somerset Police
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(ps Wedmore Website is following Avon and Somerset police on Twitter/Facebook)

see Wedmore Neighbourhood Directory entry for more information – click here.


PS     See the picture below and the map Roy prepared for the Wellbeing Day, it shows the where the Co-ordinators are around the village

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