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Parish Council Business – September 2018

Isle of Wedmore News  –  September


The July meeting was held at Blackford Village Hall and possibly owing to the fact that the venue had not been agreed until quite late, it was not advertised in the IOW News, hence there very few residents in attendance.

A representative from Acorn Development gave an update on the Cross Farm housing development and suggested that work would commence in October.  The company was looking at creating a “Public Open Space” within the site and would consider suggestions.

David Ewens updated members on the “Fingerpost project” and stated that over £8k had been raised by voluntary donations to date including a welcome donation from the Wedmore Community Power Co-operative.  There was still a requirement to raise a further £5.5k to complete the project and the Council agreed to make a grant of £1k together with a vote of thanks to David for his tireless efforts.

Pete Brown updated members on the progress of the new pavilion at Wedmore Playing Fields.  The project still required more funds and the Council agreed to make a further grant of £5k towards the project with the hope that this would attract further grants and donations from local and national organisations.

Wedmore Brook

The Brook in Blackford and Wedmore is part of the parish flood relief scheme and during the early part of this month, members of the Council will be walking the Brook to ensure that it is unobstructed and fit for purpose.

Sedgemoor District Council have the responsibility for maintaining it but owners of land adjoining the brook have riparian ownership responsibilities to keep the brook clear of debris etc.

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