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St Mary’s Church – A building for the future?



Dear Resident of Wedmore

Please would you take the time to consider how the building of
St. Mary’s Church might better serve our community?

ln the next few years both the heating and the lighting in the
church will have to be replaced, and a number of suggestions
have already been made to improve some of the other facilities
in the church.

lnstead of addressing these issues piecemeal it is therefore
sensible for the Parochial church council to consider how the
church building might be used in the longer term, not just for
worship but also by the wider community.

Community use at the moment is mostly limited to concerts and
other musical events, but this is a very large building and perhaps
with some alterations, there is potential for other uses, particularly
in the Nave area.

We are therefore offering everyone in the village the opportunity
to contribute by completing a short questionnaire to establish
how many people currently use the church and to hear about any
changes they would like to see, whether they currently come
into St. Mary’s or not.

Please will you complete this brief questionnaire by
11th February and return the form either by:

1) Leaving in the special box in church

2) mailing your response to    Stmarysbuildingforthefure@gmail.com

3) Sending it to:–    Mike Gelder, Keeper of the Fabric,
St Mary’s Church, c/o Clay Hill House, Grants Lane,
Wedmore BS28 4EA

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