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Cupcakes & Meringue Kisses ?
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In normal life, it’s so hard to stay in your own lane and concentrate on just what you are doing but even more so now when we are all trying to deal with a pandemic and steer our lives, families and businesses through the storm.
I’m a massive believer in being a flamingo, not looking at what others are doing and blocking out people who don’t treat you kindly and do not wish to see you succeed.
Surround yourself with awesome people, those who have your backs and want to see you do well, because you would do the same for them. Unfollow, mute or block anyone who doesn’t make you feel good, who makes you question yourself or throws you off your a game. Life is too short to worry about other people, what there doing, how many followers they have bla bla bla. We all have our moments of looking and comparing but remember you do you because you do it so incredibly well. So enjoy your own ice cream people and forget about other people’s sprinkles! ?
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Sunflower Bakery Cake School

Sunflower Bakery was established in 2013 by Kelly Days and started with a world of Cupcakes! The passion grew and Kelly began to create bespoke wedding cakes. To up-skill and develop her skills, Kelly began to attend workshops with her own favourite designers and the realisation hit that there were very few cake classes in the South West of the UK. The seed was planted, and Sunflower Bakery Cake School was created.

for more information and all the details see website:

Website:           http://www.sunflower-bakery.com/

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