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The Wind in the Willows – Call for actors – all ages and sizes!

In September rehearsals start for Alan Bennett’s The Wind in the Willows, which will be our big Autumn production at the end of November. We already have an impressive complement of backstage creative and crew members, but we are still looking for some more actors to fill roles.

This is not entirely surprising, as there are 52 speaking roles in this play! Probably the longest cast list we have ever dealt with. Even with doubling up we shall need 25 to 30 actors of all ages, sizes and shapes.

For those who prefer not to wear ears and tails onstage, there are many purely ‘human’ roles – described in the script as being from ‘The Wide World’, as well as all the animal characters from The River Bank and The Wild Wood. Even the animals are played as Kenneth Grahame described them – that is, as two-legged human characters, although all are encouraged to develop certain charming animal movements and characteristics to add to the humour of the piece.

There is still plenty of time to take one or more parts in the production or to get involved backstage. No previous acting experience is needed – we always include lots of newcomers in our productions – and the minimum age is 8.

To find out more, please contact one or both of the co-directors:

Carrie Large –      07866 255765            carrie.large@hotmail.co.uk
Kathryn McGill –  07792 179743            kathryncjones9@hotmail.com

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