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Theale Players – “Cabaret at Cafe René” – tickets almost sold out! Thursday 7th only available now

Theale Players (“TARTS”) present “Cabaret at Cafe René”
8pm on February 7th,8th,9th Theale Village Hall

Tickets £7 per person (no concessions)

Psst! Michelle of the Resistance ‘ere. Listen very carefully……..I shall say zis only once. René will be opening ‘is pop-up café for three nights only in February. ‘E has planned a wonderful cabaret evening to keep the Germans occupied while ‘e tries to sort out all ze problems in ‘is life.

‘E is still ‘iding the two airmen, and the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the ….well, you know. ‘E also continues to ‘ide ‘is passionate affair with Yvette from his wife Edith. At any moment ‘e may be shot – by the Germans, the Resistance, or Edith! ‘E is a brave man who needs all ze ‘elp ‘e can get! So please come and support ‘im.

You will need a ticket available from 21st January, from Monsieur Davide Bodley on 01934 712758.

Zay are priced at 70 francs each ( £7) and you will need to bring your identification papers with you during the Cabaret for inspection by the Gestapo.

Rene’s bar will be open at 7.30pm and ze entertainment will begin at 8pm. (always assuming ‘e is not arrested before zen!). Light snacks will be available to purchase on ze night.

Now I must disappear – like a Phantom in ze Night!

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