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Traffic Calming on the Cheddar Road

In mid-December 2019, the Parish Council completed a six-month speed monitoring exercise on the Cheddar Road (B3151) at the approach to Wedmore.

Despite this section of road having a 30-mph speed limit, speeds of over 50-mph have been recorded with worrying frequency. Based on the 85th percentile ‘standard’ for assessing speeds, we have consistently seen excesses of up to 8-mph, which represents a doubling of the likelihood of vehicle-related accidents.

In the September 2019 edition of the Isle of Wedmore News magazine (and we make no apologies for repeating it again) drivers were informed that the average risk of severe injury for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle is as follows:

• 10% at an impact speed of 16-mph,
• 25% at an impact speed of 23-mph,
• 50% at an impact speed of 31-mph,
• 75% at an impact speed of 39-mph, and
• 90% at an impact speed of 46-mph.

Despite these sobering statistics and police speed enforcement now in operation at this location, during the six-month monitoring period over 26,000 vehicles were still recorded travelling in excess of 45-mph!

Thus, we have concluded that some additional traffic calming measures are necessary in order to make the stretch of road from the Village to the Village Cemetery much safer for pedestrians, local residents, cyclists and other road users.

The Parish Council is now in discussions with local residents, our County Councillor and Avon & Somerset Police in order to arrive at an appropriate traffic calming scheme. This will then be discussed with Somerset Highways who have a responsibility to consult widely within the community regarding any proposed scheme.

In the meantime, the Parish Council would welcome any comments or input from residents or interested parties, which should be addressed to Councillor Dr Dennis Briaris via the Parish Council offices or email: wedmoreparishcouncil@gmail.com.

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