Wedmore – Exercise Health (February)


Health and Wellbeing can be improved.
Focus February on your “Fab Four”
Lifestyle essentials.
1) Stay ACTIVE at all stages of life. Sadly even children are not moving sufficiently for their health and development.
2) Good NUTRITION including hydration is vital. You can’t out-run a bad diet!
3) RELAXATION is key. Stress creates dysfunction.

Practise slow, easy, deep and full breathing.

Combine with mindfulness.

No better place than walking the refreshing pathways of Wedmore.
4) FRESH AIR is fundamental.

The days are getting longer!

More free vitamin D in February.

Take time out for life.
Combining your 4 health essentials provides synergy.
2 + 2 = 5  Shake off the winter blues with Nature’s Tonic.
     Always speak to your health professional first if you have any health issues.

John Beasley  01749 672482

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