Wedmore – Exercise Health (January)

 SMART in 2020
A Healthy Lifestyle is hard to beat the New Year Resolution for Wellbeing and Fitness.

Make your objectives operational by using the SMART approach, so your goals become Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timed. Write them down and this will help with your continuing success eg “To drop a Jean waist size in 8 weeks,”  “To move every 30 minutes”

Include SMART goals for Nutrition, Movement and Relaxation for better Lifestyle choices and health.

Wedmore provides excellent support. The Surgery offers Health Coaching appointments. Dentists, Pharmacists and Parish Council are supportive along with numerous clubs and exercise classes. The first Wedmore Wellbeing and Health day was a great success attended by hundreds. Last but by no means least is Wedmore’s “Great Green Gym” – out there walking close to nature.

The Chinese New Year starts on 25th January so two chances to set and reaffirm your SMART objectives and contribute towards a healthier, happier Wedmore in 2020.
Always speak to your health professional first if you have any health issues.
John Beasley  01749 672482

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