Wedmore – Exercise Tip of the Month – April


Try to stay positive about your exercise plans and increase the variety and intensity of the activities.
Practising mindful movement simply means focusing on your activity and hopefully outside is the context; at one with nature, at its best in spring.

A brisk walk in “Wedmore’s Great Green Gym” works wonders. The endorphins help to replace those harmful hormones

Now it’s warmer, try to sit less. The best advice is to move every 30 minutes. This may be as simple as marching on the spot, to ease out those hip flexors and improve circulation. It will also help maintain muscle tone and mobility.

Maybe now is the time to start thinking of an activity holiday. Something you have always wanted to do. Give yourself plenty of time to get into shape and build stamina with activities at least every other day. Setting a big goal/reward can have a major impact on motivation. Writing out a plan and keeping a diary may also help to keep progress on track.

Finally free nutrition advise from Dr Campbell Murdoch, in Glastonbury Town Hall, 7 pm 26th April. Book through

Always speak to your doctor first if you have any health issues.

Have fun and enjoy “April Activities in Wedmore’s Finest”

John Beasley 01749 672482

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