Wedmore – Exercise Tip of the Month (February)


Stay in Tune & Get Toned

Earth’s energy is rising. The spring show is starting: Scintillating snow drops and dancing daffodils herald brighter days!

Take a leaf from nature and re-energise your work outs and activities.
With extra light comes more outdoor opportunity to gain from “Wedmore’s Great Green Gym”
If appropriate, try to up the pace for intervals when walking. Add a spring to your step. You will then benefit aerobically (Heart & Lungs) from this Interval Training technique.
Swing the arms as this helps maintain the abdominal muscles whilst massaging the lower back; this can reduce pain. (Dr Stuart McGill) .
Try some light press ups or planks against trees or benches. This can be excellent for your spine and core stability. Feel close to nature and mindfulness.
Take in some squats and lunges, particularly if you do not have any stairs. This helps with a medical condition, known as “Bungalow Bum/Legs”
Mobile hips are healthy hips and happy hips. This is key to “Spare the Spine” movements.
Consider one of Wedmore’s exercise classes ranging from Abdominal/core stability to Zumba, Both of these are in the Village Hall.
“Use it or lose it” Is a key health motto.
Finally there is another chance to set or reset your fitness resolutions. The Chinese New Year starts on February 16th; it is “The Year of the Dog”. Maybe try the weekly Tai Chi exercise, drop  in class, in the Village Hall!
Always speak to your doctor first if you have any health issues.
Have fun and enjoy “Fitness February in Wedmore’s Finest”
John Beasley  01749 672482

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