Tip of the month – January  


For New Year Health & Vitality Resolutions – Set SMART objectives
SMART stands for – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely
For example. Blood pressure and weight are major markers for good health and fitness
To be specific, measurable, achievable & timely – Aim in 2018 for a BP of no higher than 120/80 and Body Mass Index of below 25
Being realistic is key to long term sustainability. “You can’t out-run a bad diet” so good nutrition is a key part of a whole lifestyle/exercise approach to wellbeing and weight loss. To go from a Couch Potato to running a marathon in 3 months is, for most, too challenging. Better then to think small steps in the right direction. If returning to exercise then build up walking to a brisk pace say 4 times  a week for 45 minutes. Walking in Wedmore close to nature also relaxes the mind, provides fresh air and is free! Losing one to two pounds every week is good advice if over weight.
Consider starting regular activities to improve your mobility, core stability and whole body strength. Regular exercise sets good healthy patterns that soon become habit and second nature. Exercising with a friend or in a group can also boost motivation.
Aim for progression during the whole of 2018 (Not just January!) Daily and weekly targets will keep you on track. Try to increase Activities of Daily Life (ADL’s) eg walking to the shops, gardening, washing the car/windows. Every step counts!
Always speak to your doctor first, if you have any health issues.
Best wishes with your Health & Vitality resolutions during the whole of 2018.
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