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Wedmore Playing Fields New Pavilion – ‘Buy a PV Panel’ scheme

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I am getting in touch on behalf of the team at Wedmore Playing Fields Association.

It has always been our wish to create a sports pavilion with a fully sustainable future. The key element is the inclusion of a 30KW photovoltaic array on the south roof slope of the building. The PV panels not only generate enough energy to power the building, but the projected surplus will, via feed-in tariffs, generate additional income to cover the maintenance of the PV array and the building itself.

The total cost of the array is a little over £26,000 for 108 PV panels. The cost per panel works out at roughly £250. We would like to invite any community minded individuals or businesses to take part in our ‘Buy a PV Panel’ scheme.

In return for your generous donation your name will be permanently engraved on a commemorative plaque displayed within the new pavilion, your details will also be listed in the launch programme for the new pavilion. This will demonstrate your business’ support for the local community that you service, and you can enjoy the warm feeling inside knowing that you have helped create a truly sustainable facility for the village, not just in the short term but for generations to come.

Each panel on the commemorative plaque is approx. 45mm x 80mm portrait and will fit a maximum of 40 characters. There is one panel per PV. Please let us know what you would like engraved in each panel.

You will see that all the panels have already been installed on the roof which we needed to do to qualify for the feed in tariff scheme, but we have had to divert funds from the main building project, ideally we need to sell the remaining panels to release these funds to complete the pavilion project.

Below is a link to a just giving page that is hosting the ‘Buy a PV Panel’ scheme. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/pv-panels

If you can help complete this amazing facility and show your clients and customers your support for their community, contact our treasurer Richard Banwell via e-mail at richard@banwell.org.uk or on 01278 641109 who will make alternative payment arrangements.

Many Thanks

Charlotte Monson




From the Wedmore Playing Fields Association – Committee

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