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Thought you might like to know that on Friday 5th February the Kindle eBook will be free to download from the site:

The eBook contains exactly the same material as the paperback but in electronic format.

I hope you find it interesting.



Professor Lyndon Smith has lived in Wedmore for over 14 years.

His expertise lies in the field of artificial intelligence, computer simulation and machine vision. He authored over 180 papers (half in international journals), two books, and working prototype and commercial systems that have been delivered to clients internationally.

During a long and restrictive lockdown, Lyndon has put together a collection of personal reflections on science and society in a little book called ‘Why You Can’t Catch a Rocket to Mars: Some Personal Reflections on Science and Society’. The book is for all lovers of science and technology, no matter what age and what level of understanding of physics and engineering they have. It is a combination of humour and scientific insight.

The book explains in an accessible way the past and present approaches of scientific endeavour and invites the reader on a journey touching on more conventional topics such as transport, robotics and manufacturing as well as the more exciting ones such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and rocketry, all from a physicist/engineer point of view.

The author also discusses the effects we may expect such advanced technologies to have on our lives, including the prospects for extending the life and achieving interstellar travel, with all their astonishing implications.

People of all ages with a curious mind, be ready to be entertained!

The book can be found on Amazon at this link:

The author can be contacted by email at:

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