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Wedmore Theatre – We’re Back

July 2020

We’re back!

Hooray! Theatres and other indoor performance spaces can re-open on August 1st if suitable COVID-19 safety measures are in place.

Wedmore Theatre is ready!

We start in Wedmore Village Hall on Friday 11th September at 7 pm with our long-awaited large-screen film showing of our November 2019 production of The Wind in the Willows.

For some years we have made a point of filming all of our major productions, posting them on YouTube. But, there’s nothing quite like getting together sociably in the Village Hall with drinks and nibbles and re-living the show on the big screen, especially for the original cast and team. We have done this with previous productions, and this time we just need to make sure that the event is COVID-safe, abiding by Government guidance.

Admission to the video showing of The Wind in the Willows will be strictly by advance ticket only – and ticket numbers are going to be limited so we can maintain social distancing. Tickets are available, price £3 to cover hall hire and other costs, from Anne Richards on 01934 743953 or by email to bookings@wedmoretheatre.com

We would like to hear your opinion

Wedmore Theatre will be abiding by Government guidance for making indoor performance spaces safe, which means:

  1. All tickets will be pre-booked (to control numbers).
  2. Entry and exit will be phased, so that seats furthest from the door are filled first and emptied last.
  3. A 2m distance will exist between the seating of individuals or household groups.
  4. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance.
  5. “Touch surfaces” (e.g. door handles, tabletops and toilet areas) will be cleaned before each show.
  6. There will be as much fresh air ventilation as possible.
  7. Audience contact details will be kept for 21 days, for possible use by NHS Test and Trace.

Go to Wedmore Theatre Website to see the questionnaire

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