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Important News from the Wedmore Parish Council – November 2023 v2

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Hi Friends, I hope you’re well

Is it just me or are the weeks flying by? November already! Firstly, I haven’t had the opportunity to welcome our most recent councillor, Jenny Blackshaw. Many of you will know her and, I’m sure you will agree, she will be of real value to the Parish Council. I know she has already expressed an interest in getting involved with many of the committees that we have and helping to progress projects already underway.

Speaking of projects – The new CCTV is now up and running in the car park.                              This will help to tackle any antisocial behaviour in this area. We are still getting
information together in relation to the EV chargers, but hopefully, I’ll have a further
update on this soon.

What else can I tell you about? Well, we have been working hard to combat your concerns about getting around the Parish safely. It seems that more and more of you are really worried about how children are moving safely around the village and getting to and from school. We are listening and believe me when I say we are all concerned too. We will continue to raise these concerns with Somerset Council in the hope that we will be listened to and action will be taken to ensure safe walking and cycling routes 8 November 2023
for all!

In the meantime, we can all do our bit. If you are travelling in a car, please be mindful of your speed. Take extra care at crossings and junctions and, finally, perhaps think about how you would feel walking, or cycling, at that particular point. Would you feel safe? Would you think it is safe for your children or grandchildren? Until we are able to make physical changes to ensure safety, let’s all make a concerted effort to ensure we are keeping each other safe – Please!

I’ll see you next month!


Speak soon,

Parish Clerk, Wedmore Parish Council,
Grant’s Lane, Wedmore Somerset BS28 4EA
Telephone 713087,
email clerk@wedmore-pc.gov.uk

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