Isle of Wedmore Parish Council Business – July 2019

The May meeting was the Annual meeting of the Parish Council. It was primarily a business meeting covering matters such as approval of year end accounts, deciding which members would serve on the various committees etc. Cllr Neil Ellis and Cllr Sue Worrall were elected as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively for a further 12 months. Members agreed to upgrade the heating and flooring at the Council Rooms following a recent asbestos survey. Plans have also been submitted to Sedgemoor District Council for approval to provide a disabled parking space outside the Council Rooms with appropriate access into the building.

European Parliament Elections

The turnout for the elections held in May were as follows:- Theale Ward 36.8%, Blackford Ward 40% and Wedmore Ward 35.5%. These figures do not include postal votes.

On the Road !

As is the custom during the summer months, the meeting of the Council on Weds. 17th July will be held at Blackford Village Hall and on Weds. 21st August at Theale Village Hall. It is hoped that a good number of local residents will be able to come along and see their Councillors in action.

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