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Parish Council – September 2019 News

See below notice about building sites.

Wedmore Parish Council July minutes

Wedmore Parish Council Website

Parish Council business

As has been the custom for the past four years, the Council met at Blackford Village Hall for its July meeting. This was an opportunity for residents to attend and ask questions of Councillors. Disappointingly only two attended. However, it was a full agenda and a new member of the Parish Council was welcomed. Emily Mulliner now represents the Blackford Ward and will be well known to many locals due to her involvement with the local Scouts. Harry Sedden from Acorn developments updated members on the Cross Farm development and listened to issues regarding lorry access and road sweeping among others. He assured the members that the matters raised would be addressed as a matter of urgency. Some Councillors recently met with the Highways Engineer from Somerset County Council to discuss parking and traffic flow around the centre of Wedmore. The hatched and solid lines are not having the desired effect so another option to place yellow lines at certain parts of the village is under consideration. The lines would be enforced by members of the Sedgemoor Parking Team. Members heard that the 67 bus route was operating well and the Saturday service would be extended for 12 months.

Planning Committee

You may be aware that a planning application has been submitted to Sedgemoor for a traveller site to be established in Quab Lane. This has resulted in a lot of discussion and correspondence among residents and was also discussed by the Parish Council Planning Committee which met at Blackford Village Hall, where over 40 local residents attended. As it was a Parish Council meeting and not a “public” meeting, only 10 minutes is allowed for public participation. Because of the nature of the business, this was extended on this occasion but not everyone present could express their views. The Committee have written to Sedgemoor and asked that the application be refused.


There are still 3 allotments available for rent. Please contact the Clerk for more details

Council vacancy

There is still a vacancy on the Parish Council for a Theale representative. Anyone interested should contact the Clerk for more details


A recent item on Facebook by Wedmore Parish Council:



As you will be aware, there are currently a number of building sites constructing new homes around Wedmore. The Parish Council is working closely with all the developers to ensure the safety of our parishioners during these builds and whilst all measure are being taken to secure sites we are aware they remain vulnerable to trespass.

Children, in particular, find these sites appealing but please could parents, carers, neighbours and the community help us reinforce the message to children that construction sites are dangerous places. There is a useful video on the link below.

Every worker on a site undergoes construction work training and they wear safety equipment at all times in order to reduce the inherent risks when working on a construction site. Children trespassing on construction sites will not have such training or safety equipment and therefore represent a serious risk to themselves and others. The reality of an active construction site is that careless behaviour can result in injury or death. Please ensure that your children are aware of the dangers of trespassing on construction sites.



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