Stand up for Health – December 2019

The NHS regards staying active at all stages of life as essential for wellbeing.

Sitting is regarded as the “new smoking.” Sitting down for longer than half an hour is regarded as having the same negative health impact as lighting up a cigarette. You definitely do not want to be on 20 a day!

Exercise outside is ideal with fresh air and being close to nature.
Also, complementary exercises can be done in just the space in front of your favourite chair! This will provide additional benefits including your heart, lungs, joints, weight control and tone those muscles that do not get much of a work-out when walking.

Try to make exercise mindful by focusing on the benefits of slow easy breathing, full and deep. Feel the calmness of combining those relaxing movements. Good to take time out to daily de-stress.

If possible try to increase your “Activities of Daily Life”. Regard movement as improvement and key steps for self-care. Variety is the spice of life!

Still, time to get in shape for the Christmas and New Year festivities – ”Stand up for health”.

Always speak to your health professional first if you have any health issues.

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