Wedmore – Exercise Health (July)

Exercise snacking is good for your health and wellbeing. The opposite effect of snacking on unhealthy foods.
So good to get into the habit of moving every thirty minutes, Try to stay active.
Many people in their forties upwards have become weaker as a result of less daily physical activity during the last months.
The good news is that you can rebuild even into the eighties, but you do have to put in the daily effort.
Hopefully, join in with the boom in walking. If you have been inactive then moving outside is a great place to start. Build up steadily. Add in variety.
When inside – work out. Try bodyweight exercises. Start with modified squats and lunges and progressively include some weights (resistance training)
You can improve your cardiovascular system, muscle tone, bone density, metabolism, sleep and much more, including mental wellbeing.
As you improve add on extra effort/load and maintain your virtuous circle.
Little and often counts when it comes to exercise.
So keep dipping into those exercises, not the biscuit tin!
Always speak to your health professional first if you have any health issues. This may be done over the phone in the first instance.
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