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Zero Carbon Britain project

Green Wedmore are proud to present in association with the Centre for Alternative Technology an exciting event on Saturday 27th January 2018 at St Mary’s Church, Wedmore:

Paul Allen, from the Centre for Alternative Technology and leader of the Zero Carbon Britain project will provide a workshop and a presentation entitled ‘The extraordinary story of human beings, energy and happiness’, on how we can achieve a Zero Carbon Britain.

The workshop is being held at 3pm followed by the talk at 6.30pm. Both events are open to everyone, suitable for all ages and free of charge.

Come and learn about how we are going to take the village and Isle of Wedmore to Zero Carbon in an exciting new project and learn more about the Zero Carbon Britain journey at the same time http://zerocarbonbritain.com/
Through the work of Green Wedmore the village is already well on the way to reducing its carbon footprint, with its car charging points, community solar paddocks, freecycle days, repair café’s, community woodland and current campaign for solar on the village hall. The next step is to fully map the village and provide a plan for reducing our carbon footprint to neutral by a set date.

Come along to the event, be inspired and learn how you can contribute to this target.
“The implementation of the Paris Agreement is a milestone without precedent in the story of human beings, energy and happiness. The work now begins to make it happen. In the process, we may soon discover this new chapter offers a sense of global, national and local collective purpose that many have been craving for a very long time” –

Paul Allen

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